Recycling is a positive choice to make for our environment, and CompuCycle wants to make this decision as carefree as possible for you and your company.

We can schedule a convenient on-site pickup using our own transportation and work with your schedule, including after-hours and weekends. Our staff is trained to pack and load all materials in a time-efficient manner safely.

Upon arrival at our facilities, all assets are stored and secured until processing begins. Once received, all asset tags and other customer identifying stickers and labels are removed from the computer equipment. These first steps ensure data security and protect our customers’ corporate brand and their company’s privacy if the equipment is refurbished and resold.

Our collection and transportation services are available locally and nationwide.



White Glove Service

The White Glove Service includes:

CompuCycle coordinates with the client for Technicians to:

  • Arrive at client location at a scheduled date/time
  • Bring all required packaging materials, pallets, and shrink wrap
  • Properly package the IT equipment to minimize damage during transit
  • Palletize and shrink wrap all packaged IT equipment
  • Load the pallets onto the truck
  • Deliver the equipment to the CompuCycle facility to be processed

Freight Only – Client Packed Service

The Freight Only – Client Packed logistics option allows for our able clients to:

  • Pre-package/palletize/shrink wrap their own equipment
  • Schedule a pick-up only service coordinated by CompuCycle
  • A client employee will use the client’s equipment (i.e., forklift) to load the pallets onto the truck
  • CompuCycle will provide the service for transporting the equipment to the CompuCycle facility to be processed

Client Self-Ship Option

Our clients have the opportunity to ship their equipment to CompuCycle in the method of their choice.  Typically, our clients use the Client Self-Ship option when they have a small quantity of IT equipment, like a laptop or monitor, that can be sent insecurely through FedEx or UPS.  Our clients set up a Lot Request in advance of shipping the equipment into CompuCycle so that they have an assigned Lot number that can be posted on the package label so that the package can be tracked upon arrival at CompuCycle.


Client Drop-Off option

CompuCycle offers a Client Drop-Off option for our clients in the Houston area.  Clients coordinate with our logistics team in advance of delivery to set up a Lot number, as well as schedule a time and date for the delivery.


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