Hard Drive Shredding Service - Secure Destruction of All Data-Bearing Devices

Whether it’s private details from your customers, employees, business partners, or proprietary information that keeps your company competitive, protecting confidential data is a serious responsibility. When that data resides on memory devices you no longer need, often the simplest way to ensure its destruction is to destroy the devices themselves.


CompuCycle’s hard drive shredding services pair our industrial-strength equipment with our industry-leading dedication to data security. We’re able to process hundreds of hard drives, floppy disks, CD-ROMS, USB drives, and tape drives in a matter of minutes, making it a fast, effective data destruction method.

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Trust CompuCycle for your hard drive & media shredding needs and take advantage of our stringent security protocols and dedication to our customers.


  • We serve any business or organization that uses data, from Oil and Gas corporations, banks, financial institutions, government agencies to schools, military bases, to hospitals.


  • We handle all computer hardware types: PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, servers, networking equipment, cell phones, and more.


  • Shredding can be done at either our secure facility or on-site at your commercial location.


  • Our new multi-million-dollar shredding system can separate and shred everything on our premises without the need for third-party shredders. Few other ITAD companies can make this promise.


  • In addition to the destruction, our hard drive shredding services include the careful collection, transportation, and disposal or recycling of your devices, as well as the production of a chain of custody documentation and Certificates of Destruction.


  • According to strict standards, all shredding is done to guarantee your business stays compliant with all legal requirements for handling private data.

What Is Hard Drive Shredding?

Hard drive shredding is very much like document shredding in that the storage device is physically chopped into tiny fragments by a machine. However, while a shredded document could conceivably be reassembled and read with enough time and effort, a shredded hard drive is permanently destroyed beyond repair along with its digital files.

See Our Shredding Machine in Action

We recently installed a new shredder capable of destroying 40,000 pounds per day. The shredder is on-site at our own facility, and its advanced capabilities ensure total security and destruction of goods at our site. Unlike most other ITAD providers, we don’t send equipment away to third party shredders. It is also built with a series of magnets and separators, reducing the human risk factor when handling and separating components manually.


These features make us one of just three companies in Texas with comparable advanced shredding machinery.


Our new shredder works in conjunction with Comar’s proprietary shredder that can process 1,000 hard drives an hour. Check it out!


Shredding in a Completely Secure Facility

We know letting sensitive information out of your sight can be concerning. Still, our off-site shredding procedure is meticulously crafted to guarantee data security and give you peace of mind. It makes up part of our well-guarded chain of custody, which ensures the tightest security level at every stage of destruction, from collection to shredding.


Our access-controlled & 24/7 camera monitored secured facility limits our own staff’s movement between departments, preventing unauthorized personnel from entering the locked shredding area — only management and shredding staff have access. Personal devices are prohibited from the processing floor, and all employees are scanned upon exiting the building.


We also carry error and omissions insurance and pollution insurance on the facility, in addition to our other coverage.


How Shredding Fits into CompuCycle's ITAD Process


Hard Drive Shredding - CompuCycle


Businesses Are Legally Required to Document Secure Data Destruction

Today, small businesses and large businesses face several legal responsibilities regarding the storage and destruction of customer data, including documentation of destroyed data. For example, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires an audit of any destroyed devices, with penalties for improper handling reaching as much as $5 million in fines and 20 years in prison.


That’s just one example of why business owners and organizational leaders must be highly selective when choosing drive destruction service. CompuCycle helps you stay compliant with your legal obligations, protect your information, and strengthen your reputation as a responsible company.

CompuCycle Is Compliant with All Industry Regulations

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is only one of the laws and standards CompuCycle helps you meet and exceed. Whether they’re being destroyed in our industrial-strength shredding machines or wiped for reuse or resale, every hard drive you entrust to us is handled in compliance with SERI’s R2:2013, HIPAA and HITECH, the Department of Defense, the Payment Card Industry’s DSS, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and the FTC’s FACTA standards.

On-site and Off-site Shredding Services

Our clients have the option of visiting our facility for off-site shredding or taking advantage of our mobile media shredding services. If you choose to stay on-site, we come to you in one of our 26-foot box trucks that feature GPS tracking and open-door monitoring and transport your equipment in locked bins. We dispatch trucks daily, driven by fully-licensed, uniformed CompuCycle employees.


If your business is located somewhere else in Texas or even in another state, we will meet your data destruction needs, always with the same security level as our local clients receive. We will either send one of our own trucks or contract with a certified recycling partner near you to destroy a hard drive.

We Dispose of Hard Drive Components Responsibly

CompuCycle is dedicated to sustainable business practices. After the destruction process, hard drive materials such as steel, aluminum, and circuit boards are recovered and sent to smelters and refineries for final recycling.


We see to it that all shredded hard drives are properly disposed of and kept out of landfills. All disposal is done following applicable government regulations, R2:2013 practices, and ISO 14001:2015 environmental best practices.

We Issue a Certificate of Destruction - Legal Proof of Data Destruction

As with many business areas, the best way to minimize your corporate liability for data security is to keep clear records. To give you documented evidence for your own records or any inquiring authorities, we generate an electronic inventory report registering each hard drive being scanned in and then each one being shredded. You also receive a Certificate of Destruction showing the date of destruction and quantity of each item destroyed.


Please fill out the form for our different Audit Reporting Asset Management services for guidance on best practices for corporate compliance.

Check the Status of Your Equipment at Anytime

If you choose to have your devices shredded off-site, you can still keep track of your equipment 24/7. Through CompuCycle’s secure online portal, clients may log in to view where their hardware is in the secure hard drive shredding process by searching either the asset’s serial number or tag number.


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