CompuCycle provides a Certificate of Recycling, Certificate of Destruction, and Certificate of Disk Sanitation.

Absolutely! We have a fleet of 32-36 foot box trucks centrally dispatched for our commercial Houston clients, GPS monitored week-ups. For nation-wide pick-ups, we either dispatch o for nation-wide pick-ups of our trucks and driver/helpers, use a nearby certified recycling partner or contract a transportation firm.

Easy! Call us at 713-869-6700. A CompuCycle representative will discuss the options & services available based on your equipment’s quality and type of disposal. We will then be happy to schedule a pick-up at your location.

We’re proud of having the most extensive list of Products We Accept! If your equipment is not on this list, please contact us, we very well may take it!

  1. Equipment is ‘Recycled. ‘ This means that equipment is broken down into its parts, for example, in the case of a PC, power supplies, motherboards, processors, plastic, metal, floppy drives, hard drives, cables, etc. Once broken down, they are then sent to various certified refineries that recycle and recover any materials reused in other manufacturing processes.
  2. Equipment is ‘Refurbished. ‘ This means that the IT equipment has some remaining value. CompuCycle will clean, test, and evaluate the equipment, securely destroy all data in compliance with NIST and DOD guidelines, load a new Microsoft operating system (we’re a Microsoft Certified Refurbisher) re-sell with a CompuCycle warranty to our various sales channels.

We’re always interested in tier-one equipment (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc.) with remaining value and can be refurbed! CompuCycle returns the highest value for useable and marketable equipment. We don’t make ‘consignment-type’ sales where clients rarely see any value but usually return a value after receiving, testing, and evaluation (usually 30 days or less).

Secure Data Destruction is of prime importance at CompuCycle. All hard drives and other data media are either destroyed in our industrial shredder or wiped and meet and exceed the Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards compliance with NIST 800-88 guidelines. Audit reports, Certificates of Destruction, and final disposition services are available, meeting all HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach Bliley, and other requirements.

Absolutely! Every pick-up is grouped by lot number and client, and the Certificate of Recycling is issued after services, and specific processing is performed. This normally takes approximately 30 days and will be emailed to you. If you require it sooner, please contact your CompuCycle representative.

Progressive IT asset managers seek to minimize corporate liability by ensuring data is properly destroyed, and assets are reused or recycled responsibly. CompuCycle provides documentation that demonstrates both of these concerns are managed and properly recorded and reported. We can guide best practices to ensure corporate compliance for our customers. Please contact your CompuCycle representative for our different Audit Reporting Asset Management services.

Absolutely! CompuCycle is proud to carry the highest levels of commercial insurance. Many commercial property managers require a copy of our insurance – Not a Problem! In fact, we may already have our paperwork with your office property manager from other tenant pick-ups. Please tell us who to send the insurance info to once you schedule your pick-up.

Not at all! We pick-up from commercial offices all the time without warehouses or loading docks, using carts, pallet jacks, and other equipment to transfer your equipment to our truck. Once at our truck, we palletize the equipment (if not already palletized), wrap it in heavy-duty shrink wrap, and secure it for transportation. Your palletized equipment will then be separated from other pick-ups in the truck we may have.


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