End of Life Asset Disposal

Our business focuses on refurbishing equipment for reuse, reuse of components, and environmentally responsible e-waste recycling.

Asset Collection & Logistics

Recycling is a positive choice to make for our environment, and CompuCycle wants to make this decision as carefree as possible for you and your company.

Asset Inventory/Audit/Test

CompuCycle realizes the importance of record-keeping and the need to know what happens to your IT equipment once it is collected from your facility.

Asset Refurbishing & Value Recovery

CompuCycle utilizes various domestic and global sales channels to secure the maximum recovery value for your IT assets.

CompuCycle’s Chain of Custody

At CompuCycle, we use a large Automated Recovery System equipped with specialized components that allow us to separate the steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, and circuit boards that can then be reused

Tailored to Fit Services

CompuCycle will upload your pre-existing inventory into our software system, scan your IT asset on-site, and report any missing IT assets or overage assets.

Asset Tracking

You are always welcome to call, email, or visit us to find out where your equipment is in the recycling process.


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