3 Ways to Help Your Tech Last Forever: Recycle

The total cost of new electronic devices includes several invisible and intangible costs, such as those marketing, shipping, manufacturing, etc. These costs signify the extraction of virgin raw materials, like minerals and metals, energy consumption in manufacturing plants, the environmental toll of different processes, etc. For this reason, it is crucial for the planet that all organizations, big and small, try to make their tech devices last for as long as possible. The best way to achieve that is through smart tech recycling.  

Smart tech recycling - CompuCycle

What is Smart Recycling?

A smart recycling center leverages advanced technology and compliant processes to ensure that each drop of a tech device’s value is fully recovered, and all its useful components are kept away from landfills. When businesses recycle tech trash through tech recyclers that offer smart recycling solutions, like CompuCycle, their end-of-life electronics are tested, refurbished, and remarketed in compliance with international standards and regulations.  

The tech devices that are not reusable go through smart metals recycling, which is a process that extracts and repurposes valuable metals, such as gold, silver, aluminum, copper, etc., from redundant IT devices. Therefore, corporations operating in all sectors and industries should ensure smart waste recycling of the electronics they do not need anymore to contribute to sustainability efforts. However, this is not the only step you can take to make an impact. Here are three ways you can make your tech last forever: 


Use A Device for As Long as Possible

It is the business model of every tech manufacturer to try to get you to buy their products as often as possible. This is the reason they launch new versions each year. Ideally, none of your electronic devices should be an investment that does not serve you for more than just a year or two. It is true that businesses need to upgrade their IT systems and tech devices to stay current and competitive in the market. But, not every newer version features value-addition that impacts operational capacity or performance.  

The decision-makers of a company should be aware of which upgrades their business needs and try to put off switching their IT assets if the requirement is not paramount. Having a robust in-house IT asset management system to monitor each device’s performance and utility offering constantly and subjecting it to regular and proper maintenance also does wonders in this regard.  

By using a device for as long as it is functioning properly or at least serving the purpose you bought it for, you can make a significant contribution to the efforts pertaining to the remediation of the growing global problem of e-waste.  


Consider Buying Refurbished DevicesSuccessful Data Center Decommissioning Project

It is not only by making the devices you own last longer than you can help the overall cause but by giving others’ tech assets a purpose as well. Several outright false misconceptions about refurbished devices prevail among tech users. The quality and performance of a device hugely depend on the vendor you buy refurbished technology from. R2 certified tech recyclers, like CompuCycle, ensure top-notch refurbishing of electronics and offer top-of-the-shelf secondhand devices.  

CompuCycle’s refurbishing plant is one of the most qualified in the United States, equipped with the latest and technologically advanced equipment. You can expand your tech procurement options considerably with the help of the smart waste recycling company’s refurbished electronics market.  


Partner With a Certified Smart Recycling Center

As mentioned above, the processes of a smart recycling solutions company are the only way a business can recycle tech in a proper and sustainable manner. By handing over your redundant electronic devices to certified tech recyclers that ensure smart recycling management, you can keep your end-of-life IT assets last forever. You can find a number of e-recycling companies out there, but most of them run only as a business and do not care about sustainability goals.  

CompuCycle leads the smart recycling market by recycling and reusing more and disposing of less in environmentally friendly ways. E-waste has been the fastest-growing consumer waste stream on the globe for some time now, and it is set to grow each year significantly. CompuCycle passionately and strategically helps businesses minimize their carbon footprint. 


Our Final Thoughts

It is important to cherish your IT devices the same way as your favorite possessions. It is something that designed obsolescence and slick marketing constantly fight against but partnering with smart tech recyclers can help you win that battle. There are several opportunities around us to help us be more sustainable with our end-of-life electronics. All we have to do is to utilize them, and there is no better way to do that than to recycle tech trash with CompuCycle, an R2 certified ITAD firm that offers smart recycling solutions. 

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