Data Destruction Services and Best Practices in Texas

Texans, you do not want your e-waste to end up in landfills as data scavengers with ill intentions dig up hard drives and other data-bearing devices from piles of trash by using metal detectors. These advanced cybercriminals then download your business’s financial and consumer data and information to use it as ransomware. Such data breaches can also make your company face costly legal penalties. The only way to ensure that does not happen to your business is to always hand over your redundant IT assets to a certified data destruction service, like CompuCycle 

There are a number of data destruction services that you can choose from, whether your business operates in Texas or anywhere else in the US. However, it is unfortunate that the data destruction solutions most of the data destruction companies out there offer are not compliant with data destruction best practices. For this reason, it is crucial for your business to opt for a certified data destruction service that is experienced, cares about the community, has advanced data destruction hardware, and understands the business.  

Here are some data destruction best practices that a data destruction plan should entail: 

Global Compliance 

There are a number of local, federal, and international regulations and standards pertaining to secure data destruction. Data is a global asset and maintaining a global standard while its destruction is extremely important. Therefore, you need to go for an e-waste management partner that performs NIST data destruction and is Responsible Recycling (R2) certified.  

Secure Chain of Custody

Another important aspect of hard drive data destruction is the company’s chain of custody. The security logistics of all the processes across a device’s destruction lifecycle need to be fully controlled. Constant monitoring and tracking of your IT assets are critical to ensure mitigation of unauthorized access at any point during transportation, processing, destruction, and disposal of assets. Two other components that you should look for in data destruction companies are its hiring process and facility security. Employee screening should be strict, robust, and feature background checks, while the facility should be secured with 24/7 physical security as well as full monitoring camera coverage. 

Value Recovery and Recycling 

Specialized data destruction services usually offer the choice of e-waste recycling and value recovery as well. Choosing this option means that all your end-of-life electronic devices will be thoroughly tested to check if they are reusable. If they are, the data on them is securely wiped clean, and the devices are refurbished and then remarketed and resold. The ones that cannot be reused are shredded, and valuable material, like copper, aluminum, gold, silver, etc., is extracted from them and sent to be used in the production of other products. This is not only beneficial for the environment but your business as well as it gets the recovered value.  

Environmental Protection 

Another responsibility part of data destruction solutions is environmental protection. Hard drive data destruction and disposal can be carried out through a number of procedures, but only a few are environmentally friendly. Data destruction best practices demand that the disposal of e-waste have zero impact on the natural ecosystem, atmosphere, and overall environment.  

Business Requirements 

Data destruction solutions need to be customized to the specific company and its e-waste management requirements. Some businesses cannot afford to risk transporting their data-bearing devices and need onsite data destruction services, while others might require the immediate disposal of their IT assets. Whatever the case, a secure data destruction company should be able to offer tailored e-waste disposal and data destruction services to corporations.  

There have been a number of cases related to data breaches in the past few years. Such an incident can significantly affect the finances of a business and cause its reputation to take a downward slide in the public eye. This is the reason you need to protect your business data with CompuCycle’s secure data destruction solutions.  

CompuCycle, a certified data destruction service, has been providing businesses of all industries and sizes data destruction solutions for over 25 years. One of the best data destruction companies in the US, CompuCycle is equipped with the most advanced, sophisticated, and ultramodern data destruction hardware and offers NIST data destruction. It ensures global compliance and has a robust and failproof chain of custody.  

Furthermore, CompuCycle has a vast network of readily available buyers for refurbished electronics. This means that your business can receive excellent value for your redundant IT equipment. All the processes it employs are completely environmentally friendly, and the company offers all kinds of different custom options for data destruction services that you can choose from.  

Whether you are seeking a data destruction plan for hard drive data destruction or any other kind of e-waste, get in touch with CompuCycle today to ensure that only data destruction best practices are applied to your company’s sensitive data. 

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