6 Facts Organizations Need To Know Before Buying Refurbished Microsoft Certified Techs

Refurbished tech has become more common recently due to the increasing waste problem. The global electronics recycling market is expected to have a market size of $65.8 billion by 2026. Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, so much of the recycled electronics can be traced back to the giant.

All you Need to Know Before Buying Refurbished Microsoft Certified Techs - CompuCycle

It is a sustainable business model but comes with its respective challenges. For example, how can organizations confirm if the refurbished electronics will last and not collapse within a short period? Knowing more about the process will give you a better idea, allowing you to make wiser decisions.

This blog post will explain why refurbishing tech is beneficial and provide a guide to help with the decision.


Why Buy Refurbished Tech


The increase in demand for refurbished tech isn’t a fad. It is a necessary shift to improve our existing condition and reduce overall pollution. However, those aren’t the only benefits of the practice. The following are the core advantages of using refurbished electronics for your business.

1. Affordable

Refurbished electronics aren’t new, and that is the entire point. This feature makes them affordable, and you can lower your costs significantly by buying refurbished electronics only. A primary reason for the lower price is the cheaper raw material.

Refurbishing businesses typically get working parts from used electronics, so they don’t have to start from the basics.

2. Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, for several reasons, refurbished goods are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They contribute to waste reduction since they keep materials in circulation for longer. They also optimize resource consumption, using existing parts instead of increasing demand for new material.

3. Access to Replacement Parts

Accessibility is a significant benefit of buying refurbished tech. Finding replacement parts for new products is often difficult, especially if they haven’t been in the market for too long. It means you will need to buy the parts from the manufacturer, which can be expensive.

In contrast, refurbished electronics have diverse components that work well together. Refurbishing businesses use products with the highest compatibility to ensure you can keep using the system for longer.


Guide to Buying Refurbished Microsoft Certified Techs


The benefits mentioned above apply to all such products, but there are some facts you need to know before buying. This blog post is focused on Microsoft, so some factors are brand-specific.

1. Refurbished and Open-Box Are Different

Firstly, know that refurbished and open box products are not the same. Refurbished is when a malfunctioning electronic is taken apart, the faulty parts replaced with working ones from other products. It makes the product work again, giving it another few years of life.

Open-box is when someone opens a product seal but returns or discards the product without using it. That means the product is technically new and fetches a higher price than refurbished ones.

2. Choosing Reputable Refurbishing Companies Reduces Risk

Refurbishing comes with a quality risk. Since the product isn’t new, manufacturers don’t take responsibility for any problems, and you need to rely on the word of your refurbishing partners. CompuCycle is a leading ITAD company with an excellent reputation for refurbishing tech.

You can buy products from us without worrying about the possibility of them going bust quickly. We are upfront about the specifications and will always communicate any minor or significant defects before finalizing the sale.

3. Certification Is an Attestation

Microsoft certification attests that the product has been adequately refurbished and is reliable. The certification is proof on the electronic, so always check what you’re buying. The brand’s guaranteed products work exceptionally well and perform well.

4. Check for Warranty Details

Several refurbishing companies, including CompuCycle, provide warranty for the electronics they sell. This warranty certifies that the product shouldn’t face defined problems for the specified period, making the company liable for repairs.

Most reliable businesses will offer warranties, so always ask for them when you buy refurbished tech.

5. Refurbished Electronics Are More Affordable

As mentioned above, refurbished electronics are far more affordable than new ones. You can cut your operational costs by making it a policy to minimize new product purchases. Furthermore, you can leverage resource allocation and acquisition planning to optimize purchases and further reduce costs.

6. Buying Refurbished Tech Reduces Organization’s Carbon Footprint

Lastly, relying on refurbished tech is sustainable and will reduce your carbon footprint. Most reputable businesses are becoming more environmentally friendly, and this shift will contribute extensively to that long-term goal.


Wrapping Up


We hope you found this blog informative and will rely on our guide when buying Microsoft-certified refurbished tech. Please contact the CompuCycle team for information or clarity about such products or to set up a meeting.

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