Hard Drive Destruction Service Near Me

Whether it’s personal information about your customers, employees, business partners or proprietary information that keeps your company competitive, protecting confidential data is a serious responsibility.CompuCycle’s hard drive destruction service pairs our industrial-strength equipment with our industry-leading dedication to data security—making us the best in the business.

Hard drive shredding & destruction | CompuCycle

How It Works:


At CompuCycle, we use a multi-million-dollar shredder to safely destroy your hard drive. The shredder breaks down the hard drive into tiny pieces. This ensures destruction, making the data platter unreadable and useless. After being shredded, it is virtually impossible to retrieve or recover any data from the shredded product.

Not only can we take care of hard drives, but our new shredder can also be used to destroy other electronics like floppy disks, CD-ROMS, USB drives, and tape drives.


What Sets CompuCycle Apart from its Competitors?


We know letting sensitive information out of your facility can be concerning. Our off-site hard drive destruction service is access controlled and 24/7 camera monitored to ensure the highest level of security for your information. We also have several stringent security protocols such as personal devices being prohibited from the processing floor, and all employees being scanned upon exiting the building.

There are many benefits to using CompuCycle’s hard drive destruction services. Not only are you able to destroy data in a safe and secure way, but choosing CompuCycle means choosing the environment. Unlike many other services, CompuCycle’s extensive ITAD process ensures that the equipment is recycled by sorting it into shreddable and non-shreddable parts.

In addition to the destruction of your product, our hard drive destruction service includes the careful collection, transportation, and disposal or recycling of your devices. We also provide clients with a chain of custody documentation and Certificates of Destruction.

We serve clients all over Texas and surrounding states. If your business is not close to our facilities, we offer secure product retrieval, providing you with the same level of security as our local clients. If you choose to have your devices destroyed off-site, you can still keep a close eye on your product 24/7 through our secure online portal. Let CompuCycle make your hard drive destruction service easy and risk-free. Contact us to get a quote today.

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