How does CompuCycle’s Professional Scrap Metal Recycling Services help?

There are several materials that are a part of many electronics that are highly recyclable. For this reason, some of the value of an electronic device stays intact even after it loses its primary or secondary functionalities. When you throw away an end-of-life IT asset, it ends up in a landfill, posing a threat to the environment and the natural ecosystem. But this is not all. The damage tends to reach greater extents, which we will discuss in this article. What businesses and individuals can do to avoid harming the environment is to hand over the electronics that they do not need anymore to a local scrap metal recycler that performs responsible and certified scrap metal recycling and is specialized in electronic scrap recycling

The Consequences of Avoiding Scrap Metal Recycling 

If you are part of a business that produces a lot of (or even a little) e-waste, you need to partner with an electronic scrap recycling business. It is the responsible thing to do as even if you properly dispose of your e-trash but do not get its scrap metal recycled, the natural ecosystem suffers. Here is how: 

The journey of several valuable materials, such as aluminum, metal, copper, and silver, etc., that are used in the production of different electronics and several other products start from their extraction from the ecosystem. Too much extraction of these materials itself is not healthy for the balance of the ecosystem, and their extraction processes involve environmental-damaging aspects as well. 

How Scrap Metal Recycling Helps 

When a scrap metal recycling center separates the recyclable materials from the non-reusable ones and sells them for being reused in the production of several different products, the need for more natural resource extraction is diminished. This helps keep the balance of the ecosystem maintained and contributes to the natural resource preservation efforts.  

What you, as a business or an individual, can do to support the cause is to find a local scrap metal recycler that is certified and credible. Certified scrap recycling services are compliant with the local as well as international scrap metal recycling regulations and best practices and perform only processes that are environmentally friendly.  

When you hand over your end-of-life electronics to a responsible electronic scrap recycling business, like CompuCycle, it makes sure that the reusable electronic devices are repurposed and re-marketed while the scrap that comes out from the shredding of non-reusable devices is completely extracted of its full potential value. The electronic scrap recycling process of certified companies is efficient and sustainable for the environment.  

The environmental benefits of electronic scrap recycling are also motivating. For example, the rate at which the landfills slows down if we keep metal out of it. This makes the need to create new landfills diminish. Also, the process of creating new metal is a heavy source of emitting greenhouse gases that are extremely harmful to everything living on the planet. Another benefit of scrap metal recycling is that it creates opportunities for jobs as new scrap recycling services are established and the old ones expand.  

The scrap industry in the United States is responsible for creating $117 billion dollars and 534,000 jobs. It is also a good source of increasing exports. 

What Is In It For You?

E-waste Recycling Options

Firstly, it is a responsible and ethical thing to do. Secondly, you can market your brand as a supporter and active participant of ‘green’ and environmentally sustainable activities. With the growing popularity of the environmental protection movement, people are becoming more and more conscious of the practices of businesses they work with on a regular basis. Responsible recycling is a significant component of the ‘green’ movements.  

How CompuCycle Helps 

CompuCycle is an electronic scrap recycling business that is e-Stewards certified. The company offers specialized and robust data destruction and environmentally friendly e-waste and metal scrap recycling solutions to businesses as well as individuals. You can get in touch with CompuCycle to schedule a pickup of the electronic devices that you do not need anymore or transport the devices to its scrap metal recycling center. The company operates nationwide and has an experienced and specialized team of experts.  

Furthermore, the company offers proper documentation for the chain of custody of your old electronics and IT assets and is compliant with the latest regulations. The value proposition of CompuCycle is that all of the material that comes to CompuCycle that cannot be reused or repurposed ends with CompuCycle with their state-of-the-art shredder that can recycle all of the equipment directly into its raw materials. 

It is important to also note that CompuCycle provides an end-of-year personalized report to each customer. The report includes a yearly environmental scorecard. The Sustainability Departments at the corporations value such information. CompuCycle provides the metrics to show how much equipment was diverted from landfills as well as displaying the amount of the carbon footprint that has been reduced from the company’s responsible and secure recycling.   

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