How to Stir Up Electronic Recycling in Your Company

It is easy for a business to become complacent with its recycling program. They may have a designated area for employees to recycle paper, plastic, and metal, but what about electronics? How often do you recycle your old or broken electronics? And where do you send them? If you are looking for ways to stir up electronic recycling in your company, read on! 

1. Ensure That You Have E-Waste Bins

Depending on the items that you are collecting, you will need to set up e-waste bins all around your office. You will also need to raise awareness about these bins to generate electronic recycling secure solutions.  

The bins should be easily accessible as well. For example, Home Depot used to have e-waste bins outside their facility and was therefore relatively rarely used. However, once the bins were moved inside, they were used much more often, and the company started taking an active part in electronic recycling solutions.  

2. Raise Awareness About WHAT to Recycle

Many people do not realize that they can recycle their electronics. They think that the only way to get rid of them is to throw them in the trash. However, this is not the case!  

There are many items that can be recycled, such as: Board-Members-for-ITAD-Disposal.jpg

  • Computers 
  • Printers 
  • Fax machines 
  • Scanners 
  • Batteries 
  • Old mice and keyboards, and more.  

In fact, almost everything electronic can be recycled if you rely on the right electronic recycling solutions.  

3. Offer Incentives

A wonderful way to increase recycling rates is to offer incentives for employees who recycle. For example, you can give a prize to the employee who recycles the most electronics in a month.  

Make sure these incentives are just enough to promote recycling but are not so attractive that your staff starts “recycling” things that are functioning properly!  

Thankfully, often, electronic recycling pick-up services carefully go through e-waste to make sure things are truly in recycling order. This brings us conveniently to the next tip for how to stir up electronic recycling in your company.  

4. Get Help from a Professional Electronics Recycling Company

If you want to make sure that your electronics are recycled properly, it is best to hire a professional company that specializes in electronics recycling solutions. They will have the knowledge and experience to recycle your electronics safely and securely. 

Electronic waste recycling services are dedicated to helping you make the most out of your electronic recycling ventures and create a “green Earth” in the process. How does recycling electronics help the environment, though?  

Electronic recycling makes sure that you or someone else does not spend more on buying something new (and effectively using up more resources) when they can use what has already been produced. This not only limits resource usage but also helps you reduce your carbon footprint in the process.  

5. Implement a Take-Back Policy

You can also implement a take-back policy for old electronics. This means that when an employee gets a new piece of equipment, they must recycle their old one. You will need to familiarize yourself with where to recycle electronics in Houston, though.  

Companies can not only partner with premium companies such as CompuCycle for their electronic recycling secure solutions but can also get help from these companies to raise awareness and let the world know that you are a “green” company.  

Tech recycling can strengthen your bottom line quite effectively if done properly. We also ensure recycling compliance to make sure you are making a positive impact on the world. Let your employees know that you are doing good and how it stirs up electronic recycling in your company! 

7. Go Green!

One of the best ways to show your employees that you are serious about electronic recycling is to “go green” yourself. Implementing green practices in your office will set a good example for your employees and show them that you are committed to protecting the environment.  

By going green, you will not only make a positive impact on your employees but on customers as well. Electronic recycling secure solutions and services can partner up and spread the word about your initiative, further making you attractive to everyone.  

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, you can ensure that your company is taking the necessary steps to recycle electronics safely and securely. Not only will this help to protect the environment, but it will also show your employees that you are committed to sustainable practices. Furthermore, it will attract new customers to your business as well as several studies indicate that people are more likely to do business with organizations that implement eco-friendly policies. Please contact CompuCycle and contact us today for electronic recycling secure solutions and get going on a journey towards protecting the environment from toxic electronic waste. 

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