CompuCycle Creates Positive Change with a Generous $24,000 Matching Grant for Waiting Under the Willow Foundation (WUWF)

[Houston, December 9, 2023] — CompuCycle, a dedicated community partner, is taking a significant step toward supporting Waiting Under the Willow Foundation (WUWF Rescue) with a transformative $24,000 matching grant. This generous donation is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of dogs seeking a second chance at a loving and compassionate forever home. WUWF Rescue, a nonprofit organization committed to providing a new lease on life for dogs in need, will use the funds to double the impact of every dollar contributed by the community. The primary focus is to expand their facility in 2024, thereby enabling the rescue of more dogs and creating a space filled with love, compassion, and kindness.

The crucial funding will not only contribute to the construction of additional kennels but also facilitate the establishment of essential amenities. These include a bathing station, an indoor meet-and-greet room, referred to as the “living room,” equipped with a doggie door and TV. These additions aim to provide comfort and shelter, especially on rainy days. Importantly, they offer rescues the opportunity to acclimate to a home environment, enhancing their chances of finding a forever family.

By contributing to WUWF’s mission, donors play a crucial role in providing rescued dogs with extended play areas and a nurturing environment. CompuCycle urges the community to join them in supporting this cause, emphasizing that every dollar counts in making a difference.

Donations can be made through the following channels:


WUWF also welcomes volunteers to contribute their time and skills. Opportunities include assisting with vet appointments, transporting dogs, and volunteering at the WUWF Rescue Center to walk, provide love, and play with rescue dogs. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact

CompuCycle and WUWF are united in their commitment to creating a second chance for rescued dogs, and they invite the community to be a part of this life-changing endeavor.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Debbie Weinstein

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