Office Shredders Aren’t as Safe Anymore: Get Professionals

The focus on sustainable disposal of e-waste and secure hard drive destruction is at an all-time high. More businesses are choosing to shred their equipment to prevent data leaks and abide by their eco-friendly stance. However, is confidential shredding a possibility within offices? The consensus is that it is relatively impossible for most businesses to accomplish this feat.

Professional e-waste recycling organizations’ recycling capabilities have set industry standards difficult for businesses to achieve. Data shredding services require professional expertise and will leave your data at risk if you try handling things yourself.

This blog will explain the downsides of using office shredders and mention how working with CompuCycle can ease things for you.

Why you Need to Get Professionals for Shredding Services - CSE


Why Office Shredders Aren’t the Right Choice


Some businesses have introduced office shredders at work to avoid hiring professional recyclers and save on service charges. Unfortunately, this decision is unsafe and can cost more than you saved. Following are the reasons office shredders aren’t safe for confidential shredding:


1. Auditors Don’t Recognize the Shredding

Firstly, office shredding is not recognized by auditors and officials, and, in some cases, they classify such disposal as fraudulent. Professional electronic waste recycling businesses are registered in the state, so they do not have any concerns when you dispose of your electronic assets.

Hence, in-house disposal can become a legal concern, and it is better to take the professional route to avoid that.


2. Potential Health Hazard

Shredding electronics dismantle the equipment into small particles to prevent anyone from putting things back together. It is one of the safest forms of electronic shredding, but it can become a health hazard if an inexperienced person handles it.

Small particles are likely to fly in the air during the shredding process and cause injury. Professional teams have relevant training to minimize this risk, but your in-house shredder operator may not have the experience to manage this feat.


3. Relatively Expensive to Operate

Professional recyclers invest in their machinery and achieve economies of scale by spreading the cost to all customers. The same case wouldn’t apply to an in-house shredder that will only handle your organizational disposal. The problem is that the machinery is expensive and requires additional expenses.

The collective cost will make the operation more expensive for your business than hiring a professional company.


4. Chances of Internal Fraud

You will need an employee to operate your office shredder. The problem is that an employee is not unbiased. Organizations always hope they never have to suspect fraud from their staff members, but incidents happen and can cost the company heavily.

In the case of electronics shredding, leaving things to employees has a risk of data leaks and will become a terrible liability for the business. Hiring an unbiased entity to conduct the disposal will eliminate that risk since the third party will have no motivation for stealing your data.


How CompuCycle Minimizes Risk


CompuCycle is a leading electronic recycler in the industry and has a reputation for being safe and thorough in its operations. Our team is committed to providing secure hard drive disposal services that ensure your security and sustainability.

Following are the primary ways we use to minimize safety risks during confidential shredding projects:


1. Unbiased Third-Party

CompuCycle employees have no stake in your organization and its information and data. Our experts are also trained and certified; hence they understand the significance of ensuring data breaches. Therefore, they know the repercussions of doing anything illegal.

Additionally, our organization closely monitors all electronic disposal projects. Our vehicles have trackers, and locations have video monitoring and motion detection. People cannot steal data without getting caught in the process.


2. Advanced Shredding Machines

Our shredding machines are advanced and feature some of the latest technologies in the industry. The goal is to ensure we use the best possible equipment to delete your information and shred your devices to the extent where reassembly is impossible.

We also allow representatives from your business to observe the data destruction and provide a certificate acknowledging the serial number of the unit destroyed. This certificate will enable you to keep your records smoothly during company audits.


3. Experienced Professionals

Everyone responsible for equipment shredding has extensive experience in the industry and understands the technicality and safety measures. They will take necessary steps to prevent the equipment disposal from becoming a health hazard and perform the task efficiently.


4. Cost-Effectiveness

As mentioned above, businesses in the electronic recycling industry consider investment in machinery a fixed cost. They spread this cost over all the orders they receive and achieve economies of scale. CompuCycle follows the same principle, allowing us to offer some of the best rates for data destruction in the industry.


Final Thoughts


To conclude, it is best to rely on a professional recycler for confidential shredding to ensure your data remains safe. CompuCycle offers trustworthy and comprehensive data destruction services to all our clients. Please contact our team and schedule an appointment for equipment shredding.

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