The Best Ways of Recycling Computer Components

What does your organization do with its old IT assets? Obviously, you don’t want to throw them in the trash because that seems like a tremendous waste. But how do you go about recycling computer components? Replacing computers is a much easier, more straightforward decision than deciding what to do with their parts. How exactly do you dispose of them? And what about the data? What happens to all that information?

If sensitive information isn’t disposed of properly, it could be used inappropriately or even illegally. That’s why we’ve put together this article showcasing a very practical solution that you can use to responsibly dispose of your old electronics. Keep reading to learn about the safe, sustainable; environmentally friendly ways that CompuCycle employs to recycle your old or unwanted IT assets.

Take Your Computer Components and Other Electronics to CompuCycle

The importance of recycling computer components can’t be overstated. Electronic waste often contains harmful substances such as lead and mercury, elements that are highly toxic and must be disposed of properly. Electronic recycling (or e-recycling) helps preserve our environment by keeping harmful materials out of our landfills, soil and water sources.

If toxic elements are released into the soil, they can contaminate food and water supplies. Fortunately, electronics recycling companies like CompuCycle have the technology to handle, extract and dispose of these hazardous materials safely. CompuCycle is an e-recycling specialist, serving Houston, Texas, in addition to their nationwide and international IT clients. Serving industries ranging from education to health care, they provide a full-service, one-stop, end-to-end IT asset disposal solution for organizations that are serious about recycling computer components. If you’re located in the greater Houston area and want to learn more about turning your old IT assets into savings, visit or call (713) 869-6700 to speak with a representative

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