Reducing Waste Through Electronic Plastic Recovery

The rapid advancement of technology has led to a significant increase in electronic waste in the form of metals and plastics. When improperly disposed of, these chemically-treated components are dumped in landfills to degrade, which releases toxins into our air, soil, and water systems.

Plastic recovery - CompuCycle

At CompuCycle, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and finding innovative solutions to reduce e-waste. One of the key strategies we employ is electronic plastic recovery, a process that plays a crucial role in minimizing the environmental impact of discarded electronic devices.  


Electronic Plastic 


Electronic plastic, which includes casings, cables, and circuit boards, is a major component of e-waste. In fact, 20% of all e-waste is made up of plastic—often treated with multiple harmful chemicals, which pose a significant risk to the environment and human health. 

There are a variety of plastics that make up electronics, including Polystyrene, ABS, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene. All of these plastic types can be processed at the CompuCycle Plastics Plant! 


How to Reduce Plastic Waste: CompuCycle’s Plastic Recovery Plant 


The CompuCycle team recently implemented an advanced sink-float line system for an innovative approach to the sustainable recycling of electronic plastics. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to separate electronic plastic from other materials in e-waste efficiently. 

The sink-float line utilizes the principle of density to separate plastics with different types and grades. Each type of plastic has a specific gravity, and we can use this knowledge to control the water density for separation purposes. This will allow only one type of plastic to float while the rest sink to the bottom of the tank. Using a base solution, we can alter the water density to allow for multiple types of plastics to float at different times.  

Once the plastics have been separated, our dedicated recycling facilities transform them into raw materials to be used to produce new devices or other plastic products. This closed-loop approach significantly reduces the demand for virgin plastics derived from fossil fuels. By incorporating recovered electronic plastic into the manufacturing process, we contribute to a circular economy and minimize the reliance on finite resources.  


A Leader in E-Cycling Innovations 


CompuCycle takes pride in being the first electronic recycler in Texas to implement these world-saving technologies. We encourage businesses and individuals to take advantage of our services, ensuring their e-waste is properly managed and recycled. By choosing CompuCycle, you can rest assured that your electronic devices will be securely decommissioned and recycled in the most sustainable fashion. 

To prove our dedication, we provide Environmental Scorecards to each client, outlining carbon footprint reduction and landfill diversion rates. By transforming recovered plastic into valuable raw materials and advocating for extended producer responsibility, we actively contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Together, let’s embrace responsible recycling practices, reduce plastic waste, and protect our planet for generations to come. Contact our team to get started! 

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