Valentine’s Day special: 4 Ways to Love Our Environment

14th February is a time of spreading love. You may have a valentine to express your feelings towards them but showing your love to the environment is equivalent to expressing love towards the whole of humanity. The health and safety of our environment have been ignored for far too long now. We have arrived at a point where catering to it has become an acute necessity for survival. The effects of recycling on the environment are extremely positive. In this article, we will learn how recycling helps protect the environment and how you can express your love towards it through electronic waste recycling. What is more, is that this will not be a one-sided thing as the environment does love us back by giving us a better atmosphere to live and breathe in.  

Valentine's Day special

How Does Recycling Help the Environment? 

When individuals are resolute not to throw their electronic recyclables into the trash, the amount of e-waste ending up in landfills is reduced. E-waste recycling for corporates, however, serves the same purpose in magnitude that is tenfold. Electronics contain harmful and toxic substances and materials that, if trashed into landfills, contaminate the soil and water by seeping into them. This greatly impacts the natural ecosystem by making the environment unsuitable for various animals and plants and rendering the soil infertile.  

But that is not all. When electronic devices and IT assets are not recycled, the need for new equipment rises. This calls for an increased extraction of natural resources that damages the natural ecosystem, as well as the environment, as the processes of resource extraction involve energy consumption and carbon emissions. The e-waste that does not end up in landfills ends up in the hands of non-certified and non-responsible e-waste disposal companies that ship it off to countries that are less regulated when it comes to e-waste management. There, the e-waste is managed by people, including women and children, harming their health as well as the environment.  

E-waste recycling services, like CompuCycle, that perform responsibly, compliant, and secure e-waste recycling for corporates, make sure that the reusable electronics are refurbished and remarketed while the redundant devices are extracted of all their reusable material to be used in the production of other products. They also ensure proper disposal of the little leftover material that has no more value to offer.  

4 Ways to Protect the Environment by Recycling 

1) Set up In-House E-Recycling Drop-Off Points 

It can be difficult for businesses, especially large-scale ones, to track and manage all the redundant electronics within their organization. Even if they have a strong e-waste recycling policy in place, it is possible that some employees do not conform to it and throw away their end-of-life devices in trash bins. By having in-house drop-off points for e-waste collection, a business can provide utility to their employees for easy efforts towards the cause. 

2) Raise Awareness Among Employees 

From emails and notifications to workshops and webinars, there are a number of ways in which a company can raise awareness about the importance of recycling e-waste among its employees.  

3) Use Refurbished Devices 

It is known that not all businesses can opt for refurbished electronics for all their needs. This is because you might want to employ the latest technology for some instances. But there are certain cases and situations in which a company can go for certain reused devices. This reduces the demand for the manufacturing of new electronics.  

4) Partner With a Certified and Responsible E-Recycling Service 

Regardless of the size of your organization or the sector or industry it operates in, you need to partner with an e-recycling company to ensure being completely friendly to the environment. Proper e-waste management in organizations is something that cannot be complete without having experienced and specialized e-waste recycling services, like CompuCycle, as their partner. 

Other Recycling E-Waste Benefits 

If you are still not convinced, here are some other factors that support the importance of recycling e-waste for a business: 

  • When you recycle old electronics, along with employing other sustainable processes, you can market your company as a ‘green’ one, attracting more customers.  
  • You can get value against electronics that your business does not need anymore when they are refurbished and resold. 
  • Your business remains compliant with local regulations and laws. 
  • Certified e-waste recycling services like CompuCycle, ensure hard drive disposal, mitigating the risk of cyberattacks against your company.  

Now that you understand the answer to how does recycling helps the environment, we hope you will make a resolution this Valentine’s Day to express your love towards the environment by following the above-mentioned ways to protect the environment by recycling. Get in touch with CompuCycle for compliant and secure electronic waste recycling. CompuCycle has an ultramodern electronic recycling center, and it employs only processes that are completely environmentally friendly. 

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