Why Should You Recycle and Destroy Data on Ex- Employees’ Electronics?

It is common for most businesses to see their employees leaving their jobs on a frequent business. They take their personal belongings with them but the computers, and in some cases, other electronics that the organization had lent them to work on, are left behind. Those electronics are not just mere pieces of electronics but hold information and data on them that is sensitive and vital to the health of the business. The best thing a business can do with such devices is to securely destroy the data they contain and recycle old electronics. 

According to a survey conducted by a credible source, 87% of the employees take data in some form when they leave a job. The data that was stolen included contact lists of customers, corporate presentations, and intellectual property even. They either do it inadvertently or with malicious intent. The stolen data often ends up being uploaded for all to see or going into the hands of competitors. There are certain processes and procedures that can be put into place to mitigate the issue, but one of them is to destroy electronics that were used by the leaving employee so that the data and sensitive information stored on them cannot make its way to where it is not supposed to go. 

Recycle old electronics


Old Electronics Disposal 


The way to go about disposing of the computers and other electronics that your ex-employees used is to hand them over to an e-recycling company, like CompuCycle, that is e-Stewards certified. CompuCycle destroys electronics and performs the following processes that are environmentally friendly. The company does not throw them in e-waste landfills, adding to the harmful e-waste, but disposes of them properly with compliance to international and national regulations. 

By offering your old electronics to a responsible e-recycling company, you will exempt your organization from the threat of legal implications, and you can market your activity to boost the image of your business. CompuCycle also offers considerable revalue on your reusable and resalable IT assets, making the already cost-efficient process even more cost-effective. By remarketing and reselling the electronics, your organization becomes part of revenue stream generation and making technology available to individuals and communities that cannot afford to buy new electronics. Even the material, such as metal and aluminum, are extracted from the shredded pieces and reused for creating items that require them. This supports natural resources and energy preservation as well. 


Secure Data Destruction


When you recycle old computers and other electronics, another extremely important consideration is the security of the confidential data and sensitive information stored on them. The safety of the data is one of the major reasons why you are taking up the disposal and recycling processes in the first place. So putting that at risk would be counter-productive. For this reason, never hand over your electronics to an e-recycling company that does not compliant with NIST guidelines and is not credible and reputable.  

If your organization’s private data is dealt with in an insecure manner, goes through several checkpoints, or is handled by too many people, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to leakages. Once leaked, there is no way of monitoring it, and it can end up anywhere in anyone’s hands. Anyone can misuse it or threaten your business with it. Therefore, always destroy electronics and other equipment with CompuCycle. 

CompuCycle has a highly secure facility equipped with 24/7 surveillance. Its chain of command is extremely responsible and strict. It has a state-of-the-art shredder that processes old electronics and shreds them into minute pieces. Minimal human handling of your IT assets is needed, and your old electronic waste disposal process gets completed without the risk of your data getting leaked at any point.  

In short, it is imperative that you recycle old computers that belonged to your ex-employees and make sure the data on all your old electronics is wiped. To dispose of old computers and other electronics in an ideal, eco-friendly, and secure manner, get in touch with CompuCycle today. 

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