Houston, July 01, 2021 – We are thrilled to inform you that three more companies have vested their trust in us for data center decommissioning. This is because they know we go beyond decommissioning services and ensure safeguarding your brand.


Many businesses fail to comprehend the risk associated with failed hard disks; this is one of the most frequently disregarded issues in a data center. Even though a drive is no longer working, this does not mean that your company’s data is no longer at risk. While drives are frequently piled on top of servers or returned to the manufacturer for replacement, your business is critically responsible for the data contained on those drives. You must have a procedure for failed hard drives and secure destruction before the data leaves the premises.


This is where CompuCycle will come into the picture. These three organizations will leverage our data center decommissioning services that ensure following an extensive checklist of critical tasks before beginning the decommissioning services.


CompuCycle has already assigned account managers to these companies who will work closely with the clients’ team. The recent developments in the contract suggest that we will be heading towards reselling some of the end-of-life IT assets for these companies. Our pre-bid site visit to these clients has helped us document a full scope of work that involves identifying the project’s right tools and resources.


The CompuCycle at Houston will now work to schedule the activities for each project. The client dealing in the Natural Gas business requires a host of machineries that includes forklifts, tip guards, and pallets as a part of decommissioning services. The Petroleum Company we are dealing with will require a thorough asset tagging as some of their parts will go for recycling while others will be moved for reselling. Lastly, the chemical company will engage our team in on-site device shredding. Our team will provide them with the mobile shredding equipment used to physically destroy the hard drive at their office location. Once we finish their task, our team will be issuing a certificate as a testament to equipment sanitization.


Whether you’re migrating to the cloud, transitioning to colocation, retiring obsolete equipment, centralizing operations, or simply upgrading to easier and quicker equipment, a safe, secure shutdown is critical. And we at CompuCycle are providing these services that bear quality assurance certificates like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 140001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018, along with R2 Certification (Responsible Recycling).


About CompuCycle

CompuCycle is a certified IT asset disposal service provider in Houston. We have our shredding plan in Houston metropolitan era that is designed for efficiency and compliance.


Our team is committed to providing secure, responsible, and safe end-of-life IT electronics recycling methods, destroying our customers’ confidential data, safeguarding the environment, and ensuring our clients’ IT electronic devices is managed responsibly and professionally throughout the process.


We are working to provide the highest level of service, support, and value to our clients and expand our corporate accounts by providing existing and supplementary services. To create a workplace that is both positive and safe for our employees.


CompuCycle stands as Texas’ only processor with a sophisticated shredding machine capable of processing electronic scrap and separating it into raw materials for feedstock shipping to smelters, refineries, and mills.


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