CompuCycle is working relentlessly to offer robust and tailored end-of-life IT asset disposal solutions to various clients in the USA. We are presenting a case study of our client who works in the caregiving industry. They provide skilled nursing homes and rehabilitation homes nationwide. 


Their scope of work also involves dealing with client facilities where the staff members try to provide care that promotes residents’ and patients’ health and happiness. They would welcome visitors who have stayed there for an extended period as they value their needs and uniqueness.  


For a short period, patients who are in for a short period receive therapy geared toward providing quality and nurturing care until they can return home. With their presence in over 15 states and more than 180 facilities, they are a leading chain of skilled nursing and rehabilitation homes in the USA. 


We were hired to collect their end-of-life IT assets from multiple facilities nationwide. The project involved onsite packing and secured logistics, data sanitization, equipment refurbishing, and compliant disposal of scrap equipment. 

The Challenge

Our client needed asset relocation services for over 100 remote locations, not operated in popular cities as far as transportation and logistics are concerned. There were over 300 end-of-life IT assets at these 100 remote locations. The major roadblock was to have the transportation arranged for such deeper locations, which adds to the woe of managing 100 such locations. Some of the assets were being re-located to our client’s sites, and other equipment was for disposal.   


The end-of-life IT products included monitors, printers, PCs, servers, copiers, network equipment, and miscellaneous peripheral equipment. This consists of a range of data-bearing equipment and non-data-bearing equipment. We needed to ensure that we collected all IT assets at a predefined time, relocated their assets to their determined sites, and recycled all end-of-life IT assets in a compliant manner that meets the R2:2103 standard. 

Why CompuCycle?

We have the resources and capability to handle our client’s IT equipment relocation and end-of-life IT disposal needs. Our client knows us as a trusted corporate end-of-life, excess, obsolete and surplus IT recycling center, and a leading name in Houston for IT Asset Disposition Services. They chose us by looking at our R2 certified (by SERI) recycling center coupled with ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications.  


We provided them services including onsite packing, secure logistics, data sanitization, onsite hard drive shredding, equipment relocation, asset inventory, refurbishing and remarketing, and processing scrap electronics into raw materials through our state-of-the-art, fully automated shredding facility. Add to that, our Refurbishing and Processing plants have a 24/7 surveillance system in place and are access-controlled facilities. The reporting including the bill of lading, receiving the report, inventory report, audit report, hard drive audit report, certificate of hard drive sanitization, certificate of hard drive destruction, certificate of recycling, is available to all our clients on the online portal. 

The CompuCycle Job


Our client was aware that we had highly trained and certified experts. The search for a comprehensive end-of-life asset disposal company with destruction services ends at CompuCycle. The first step was to identify the best ways to address the challenges. It began with labeling assets distinctively for – 


i) Transporting IT assets from one facility to another, and  

ii) Bringing end-of-life IT assets to our facility for data sanitization and/or disposition.  


Our contract with this client requires all data-bearing equipment to be sanitized and/or physically shredded. And then, we refurbish products for reuse and recycle the scrap material through our processing facility by shredding all electronics into their raw material (steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, and circuit boards). CompuCycle recycles all products as per the R2 Standards. 

This project required arranging the collections from all their locations, without our client using their resources to ensure the project’s success. 

Here, we dealt with over 300 assets across 100 such locations where they manage the facilities. The strength we have is the ability to respond to challenges promptly. Upon receiving a collection request, our team responds to it within 24 hours. We identified that the key to success in this project lies in effective communication – with the client and the team.  

Therefore, being proactive, we assigned them to the account manager to whom they can call anytime in case of any query. They are the ones who manage the services throughout the entire process and will respond to the client queries within 24 hours.  


The account manager would accommodate their requests immediately based on the asset inventory and point of contact at the collection point. 

Each collection request is assigned a lot number, and within 24-72 hours, the materials are collected from our client’s facilities and securely transported to CompuCycle processing including asset inventory, data sanitization/destruction, refurbishing, reselling, and processing electronics scrap into raw materials.   

We scanned the serial numbers of every single asset with a distinctive number for the data-bearing and potentially resaleable assets. This allows our clients to track the assets. 

Since most of these products were turning to liabilities, we ensure proper care of each piece of equipment by taking responsibility. This includes packaging the IT assets at multiple locations before transportation. 

Following the CompuCycle Standards

IT assets include hard disks which are data-sensitive. Our team will ensure the securely packaging of the data-bearing equipment. We destroy the data by using Department of Defense Compliance Software to ensure proper sanitization of the hard drive. The drives that fail the sanitization process are removed and physically shredded at our two electronic recycling plants located in the Houston metropolitan area.  


Our facilities are access-controlled, secured facilities with 24X7 monitoring and a camera surveillance system. CompuCycle processes all electronics scrap material through our shredding plant. Our customer knows what comes to CompuCycle, ends at CompuCycle and there are no other downstream companies involved in processing our client’s end-of-life IT assets. 

CompuCycle is an End-of-life IT asset solution provider

The client trusted us as their logistic partner and provider of data destruction services for end-of-life IT assets. What is unique is that CompuCycle is the final end-of-life for customers’ IT assets. This includes providing the services to refurbish, reuse, and processing it into the raw materials. With over 3000 IT assets, we successfully worked to sanitize 85% of the data sanitization and 15% of the remaining ones were shredded. 


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