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When your business sells, recycles, or disposes of your digital storage devices, the data contained on them is at risk. Simply deleting files from a computer will not protect your sensitive information should it ever fall into the wrong hands.


CompuCycle provides certified and secure data sanitization services. We employ industry best practices that meet all regulations and ensure clients’ compliance with data privacy and destruction laws. And our environmentally friendly data wiping and recycling processes help you stay green while staying safe.

Secure Data Destruction

The following are a few reasons why CompuCycle is a best-in-class secure data destruction provider:


  • We safeguard your data every step of the way, from collection and transportation to destruction, disposal, and certification.


  • CompuCycle offers data sanitization both off-site here at our Spring Branch facility and on-site at your location.


  • Our clients include Oil & Gas Corporations, banks, schools, government agencies, hospitals, accounting firms, and businesses of all types. We handle PCs, Macs, laptops, servers, networking equipment, and all operating systems.


  • We offer two distinct procedures for destroying data, software wiping and sanitization and physical destruction to deliver the solution that best meets your needs.


  • All our work is conducted in compliance with the strictest standards, including ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes Oxley, DoD, PCI, GLB, and FACTA.

How Do We Guarantee Secure Destruction of Your Equipment?

CompuCycle can deliver unparalleled levels of security for your information because we’ve put a vigilant chain of custody in place to protect your devices at every step of the journey.


  • Before we load them onto the truck, your devices are physically locked inside cases.


  • All our trucks are outfitted with GPS tracking and the ability to notify us when the doors open. Our vehicles are owned by us and operated by uniformed CompuCycle employees with Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC), not third parties.


  • All of our employees undergo background checks and random drug tests.


  • Our facility is access-controlled and locked, meaning that everyone entering must have the appropriate credentials. Processing areas are locked, and access is limited to the minimum number of personnel to complete the work; no one else can enter.


  • Our facility is monitored 24/7 with camera surveillance and an alarm system.


  • Staff locker rooms are located in a separate area of the facility to ensure no personal devices enter the plant, and all employees are scanned upon exiting the facility.


  • CompuCycle carries error & omissions insurance and pollution insurance as another layer of security in addition to our other insurance policies.

Hard Drive Data Erasure

CompuCycle offers two methods of achieving data sanitization that targets the software and allows the hardware to be reused or sold:


  • Data sanitization erasure renders data unrecoverable by overwriting either the target data or the entire device with random, worthless data.


  • Cryptographic erasure or crypto erase for short, uses 128-bit or higher encryption on the data while erasing the encryption key, rendering it impossible to decode.


No matter which method you choose, CompuCycle certifies all data sanitation performed in our facility complies with the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 guidelines and U.S. Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M).


Upon completion, you receive a Hard Drive audit report listing hard drive make, model, serial number, and size. If the hard drive is in the parent machine, the report will also list the parent machine’s serial number. You will also receive a Certificate of Hard Drive Sanitization listing the number of drives sanitized for your records.

Physical Shredding

When you need a fast, cost-effective way to destroy data, call on CompuCycle’s physical shredding services. In moments, our commercial shredders reduce all kinds of data-bearing devices into thousands of tiny fragments, permanently disabling them.


Items that can be shredded include:


  • Floppy disks;
  • Tape drives;
  • USB drives;
  • CD-ROMS; and
  • Entire hard drive assemblies, including metal housing.


Upon completion, you receive a Certificate of Destruction listing the number of hard drives shredded for your records. We also take care to ensure all applicable metal refuse is recycled responsibly.

How Data Destruction Fits into CompuCycle's ITAD Process

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On-site & Off-site Data Sanitization

Although we go to great lengths to guarantee your data’s safety as we sanitize it at our facility, we understand some clients may be more comfortable keeping their devices within eyesight at all times. That’s why we offer our full range of services, both data shredding and data sanitization erasure, on-site at your place of business.


We dispatch our fleet of box trucks up to 26 feet long across Houston every day for off-site data sanitization. If you’re not located near us, never fear. CompuCycle is nationwide! For assistance outside our pickup area, we will arrange for either a local-to-you, certified recycling service, or a trusted transportation logistics firm to help.

Meeting Standards of Destruction & Disposal Legislation

Numerous laws and regulations govern the ways consumer and commercial data must be handled. CompuCycle goes above and beyond to keep our customers in full compliance with all standards of their particular industries, from HIPAA and HITECH for medical companies to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Fair Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) for businesses.

Certificates That Ensure Your Compliance with Regulations

You’ll never be left wondering if a particular hard drive was destroyed or is still in use somewhere around your office. Our software generates an inventory report showing each memory device being scanned and logged before and after sanitization. This report will be accompanied by either a Certificate of Data Sanitization (if you’re using data erasure) or a Certificate of Data Destruction (if you’re having the devices shredded).


This way, you can easily verify your inventory status and prove your compliance with all governing regulations.



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