CompuCycle has expanded our services to help your IT teams more efficiently and securely manage your IT assets.  It is our goal to be a fully customizable, tailored solution for our client’s ever-changing management needs for their end of life IT assets.

Why choose CompuCycle’s ITAM Services


IT Asset Relocation with Decommissioning and Re-Installation Services

CompuCycle’s experienced team will de-install your IT assets, inventory and label the assets, securely pack your assets for safe transportation to your desired location. Upon arrival at your desired location, CompuCycle will re-install your assets and confirm all assets are securely operating.


IT Asset Deployment

CompuCycle offers an IT Asset Deployment service for companies. Whether your company does not have the storage space for several new computers or laptops or want their IT employees to focus on other projects, CompuCycle can accept the new assets at our facility. We will inventory all of the assets, create an audit list, image the assets, and deploy them to your pre-determined offices nationwide. We can also install your assets and confirm all assets are operating in their new location.


Lease Return Management

CompuCycle’s dedicated team will work with your onsite team to determine when the lease return assets need to be received at CompuCycle so that they can be: securely data sanitized, inventoried with a serial number, refurbished if needed, cleaned, and securely bulk packed to be safely returned promptly to the leasing company. Partnering with CompuCycle will help you to minimize the cost associated with returning leased equipment. CompuCycle also offers a lease buy out the program.


IT Asset Storage

CompuCycle offers storage services for your IT assets for new equipment deployment or redeployment of your refurbished IT equipment. We can also provide data sanitization, installation of software, or re-imaging of your assets before deploying them at a designated time and to a location of your choosing.


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