E-scrap is a serious business. It is also increasingly heavily regulated. Companies that want or are required by law to recycle equipment must do so in a way that protects data and complies with local and state regulations. As a Houston-based, woman-owned company, CompuCycle offers safe and responsible electronic recycling to local Houston metropolitan areas and end-of-life IT asset management services (ITAD/ITAM) businesses nationwide.


Our data shredding capabilities just reached a new level, thanks to the following developments:


  • In 2019, we opened our processing plant with a sophisticated, state-of-the-art shredder line including 2 SSI 4 shaft shredder, magnetic eddy current system, and optical sorters,  producing clean raw materials (steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, and circuit boards) to be sold directly to refineries and smelters.  The new shredding system can produce 40,000 pounds of material per shift.


  • If you require secure and guaranteed electronics recycling, brand protection, responsible processing, and elimination of the middleman, CompuCycle is your solution.


  • Our clients know their electronics are properly recycled or repurposed, their sensitive data is destroyed, and the environment is protected.


  • CompuCycle is the only processor in Texas with a sophisticated shredding system capable of processing electronics scrap and separating them into the raw materials for feedstock shipped to smelters, refineries, and mills.


Here’s what you need to know about how the shredder works and how it creates several advantages for our clients:

Total End-of-Life Asset Destruction in One Place

When a company wants to eliminate certain equipment, especially computers or other electronics that contain sensitive data, there are risks involved. The risks primarily are:


  • Incomplete destruction of data that can later be leaked; and


  • Improper recycling of assets not in compliance with the law.


If materialized, these risks can put a company at further risk of federal and state penalties and lawsuits. To avoid these risks, businesses rely on ITAD companies. All reputable ITAD companies can sanitize data by required regulations, and, hopefully, these electronics can be reused through donations or resale channels. But, for various reasons, not all electronics can be wiped and reused all of the time. In some instances, to ensure data destruction, they need to be physically destroyed through shredding. Most ITAD companies must use a two-step process: (1) separate their clients’ equipment into similar components, and then (2) ship the separated components to another facility or company to do the physical shredding. Few companies in the ITAD industry can handle shredding themselves.


At CompuCycle – with its new shredding system – the second part of this process is eliminated, and the shredder completes the first part. In effect, CompuCycle offers two distinct advantages over its competition:


  • There are fewer steps in the process and less human handling of the equipment; and


  • All equipment stays in one place – once it enters our secure facility, it only leaves when it’s broken down into its raw commodities.


The upside of both is the diminished risk of data leaks and incomplete destruction. Keeping all assets in one place is part of our meticulous chain of custody, which protects your assets at every stage of disposition.


After a client’s equipment has been separated and shredded, a Certificate of Recycling and a Certificate of Destruction is provided. This certificate is legal proof that data was destroyed following the law.

Offering Secure Destruction Throughout the United States

China no longer accepts certain grades of scrap and e-waste from the United States. US businesses must now identify domestic facilities that can meet their data protection and recycling needs.


That’s a specific challenge for (1) companies that use and dispense significant amounts of electronic equipment with significant amounts of sensitive data, and (2) electronic OEMs or any other company that generates significant amounts of scrap materials. These companies require a certified facility to destroy data, refurbishment of equipment, and recycle scrap materials.


At CompuCycle, with our advanced separating and shredding system, we can now offer full services to many companies.

How Shredding Fits into CompuCycle’s ITAD Process


How the Shredder Works

This extensive multi-million-dollar system is complex machinery designed for efficiency and compliance. As mentioned, it is capable of shredding 40,000 pounds per day to generate the following materials:


  • Ferrous metals (steel)
  • Non-Ferrous metals  (aluminum, copper),
  • Printed circuit boards, and
  • Plastics.


Learn more about the exact shredding process and watch a near-identical shredder hard at work.



We continue to be committed to innovation and environmentally responsible processes. Our new shredding technology is aligned with this commitment.


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