5 Data Destruction Myths, You should be Aware

The importance of data in the current business world cannot be undermined. Data is to the information economy as oil is to the industrial economy. This calls for businesses to handle their data storage electronic devices carefully and responsibly to fend off any chance of a data breach that can potentially cause them massive losses. The best way to go about ensuring safe data destruction is to let credible electronic data destruction services, like CompuCycle, handle it. 

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A major reason why even such critical value of end-of-life storage devices are not able to make businesses act how they should is that several data destruction myths still prevail in the market. Proper global data destruction is still not achieved despite there being data destruction regulations. There are several computer data destruction and e-waste data destruction services out there, but few of them follow data destruction and disposal methods that ensure complete protection and security. 

CompuCycle is one of the best onsite data destruction services that ensure safe data destruction. Get in touch with CompuCycle to schedule onsite data destruction of your storage devices. Let us look at some of the data destruction myths that people still believe in. 


Destroying Storage Device Destroys Data


One of the most common data destruction myths is that you can wipe off the data stored in a hard drive by subjecting it to physical destruction. Businesses, big and small, use a drill or hammer their hard drives and throw it in the trash, thinking the information stored on them has vanished. However, it is a big misconception as even a single solid-state data chip on an SSD can enable data thieves to obtain information out of the device. 

HDDs use magnetic storage, and the chances of data surviving on it after it is destroyed are less, but still, it is not the safest way. Your best bet to render your data completely safe is shredding your storage devices in a proper and specialized shredder like the one CompuCycle uses for hard drive destruction. 


Formatting the Device is a Safe Data Destruction Means


Formatting or deleting files on a storage device removes the pointers that direct the reading device to the stored data. The removal of pointers frees up space on the disk as it then allows new data to be written over the old one. This means that deleting files or formatting hard drives do not destroy data. 

Data thieves and cyber blackmailers are equipped with tools that can easily recover data from all kinds of storage devices after it has been formatted. Therefore, specialized and certified electronic data destruction services are the only way to ensure that your storage electronics are subjected to safe data destruction. 


Data Thieves do not Target Small Businesses


The fact that small and medium-sized businesses are not as worried about data theft is what makes them the easier targets for data thieves. One of the most problematic data destruction myths is that small businesses do not need optimal data destruction solutions, and any data destruction and disposal methods would suffice. 

Statistics beg to differ as, according to research, 43% of all corporate data breaches in the US in 2021 involved small businesses. Data breaches threaten businesses with monetary losses and hurt the reputation of the business. People tend to work with businesses that are secure more than the ones that are not.  


Electronic Waste - CompuCycleKeeping Data Storage Devices On-Site Keeps the Data Secured


There are a number of businesses that have locked storage rooms dedicated to stacking their hard drives and other data storage devices. With piles of hard drives locked away in a room, they get a feeling that it is safe and protected. However, it is far from the truth as any data that ‘exists’ is more prone to getting into the wrong hands as compared to the information that is not there.  


Businesses Themselves can Perform Safe Data Destruction


Degaussing data and ensuring that it no longer exists require specialized tools and resources that are developed for the exact reason. The most effective way to make a piece of information inaccessible without the use of dedicated equipment is probably overwriting it several times. Doing this requires time, energy, and money as it cannot be properly done without an expert managing it. Even then, you cannot be sure that the job is done. Peace of mind can only be achieved by hiring specialized and expert electronic data destruction services, like CompuCycle, that have data destruction solutions that are up-to-date and processes that ensure safe data destruction 

There are many other data destruction myths as well that fuel the problem of improper global data destruction. There is an urgent need for businesses of all sizes to realize that their computer data destruction and e-waste data destruction have to be optimal for them to be completely secure. CompuCycle uses data destruction and disposal methods that are compliant with international data destruction regulations. It offers onsite data destruction services as well. Contact CompuCycle today to schedule onsite data destruction for the sake of your business’s well-being. 


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