Houston… Summer is here!

Warm is an understatement. It is HOT out there, and we need to embrace this weather because, well, there is no other option. Whether your to-do list this season involves camping, traveling, barbecues, chilling out, or any other activities outdoors, there is an electronic device designed to make it even more fun! Well, let’s not leave out gamers from this article as a good population of Houstonians likes to stay indoors and play games on their personal computers. But out-goers first! 


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Here are some cool summer electronics that will enhance your favorite summer activities. How many of you are already enjoying these out there? 


Waterproof Speakers


Perfect complements to poolside lounging! You can listen to your favorite music without worrying about splashes or cannonballs ruining your technology. We’ve seen waterproof speakers become quite popular for other water activity adventures such as river tubing and kayaking. Just don’t drop the speakers in the deep end! 


Electronic Reader


Most electronic readers are designed to reduce glare, making it easy to read while outside lounging in the sun. You won’t have to worry about the wind flipping pages either! Even better, you’ll have access to your entire library whenever you want to stop for an outdoor reading break. 


Waterproof Action Camera


We love that you can catch the action anywhere with this! Take yours on all your summer trips, from water parks to snorkeling excursions, so that you can capture those cool underwater shots. What’s your preference? Catching the action by the pool, on the lake, or while at sea? 


Misting Fans


These are a must-have in Houston! A simple and easy way to cool off from the summer heat. These portable devices are great to use at a baseball game, outdoor concert, and theme parks. 


Streaming Stick


There’s no escaping your favorite TV shows now! Streaming sticks are easy to use and convenient on the go. Just plug it right into your computer, TV, or projector. You can binge-watch your favorites from anywhere – be it your summer cottage or hotel room! 




Whether you’re hosting a backyard party or you want to watch a classic under the stars, a projector will prove to be your most useful asset. Wow, your neighbors and friends with larger-than-life films, sports, and music – all from the comfort of your own backyard! 


Ice Cream Machine or Shaved Ice Maker


We all love chilly treats, do we not? Especially when the mercury is aiming for the skies. Shaved ice is one of the not many things that are friendly towards calorie-conscious people as well as delicious. It is available in all kinds of flavors and can be the reason for you receiving a lot of love from the people you offer the cooling and tasty snack to. A DIY ice cream machine is also an electronic device that has ‘summer written all over it.  


Mini Drone


Smartphone pictures can be cool, no doubt, but an outdoor gathering whose memories are saved from an aerial view has no competition. The latest drones are noiseless and compact so that no ones’ comfort is sabotaged and you can have fun flying them. You can pair the drone to your smart devices with an easy and quick setup and let the fun begin. 2D stills are never a match for 360-degree videos that are taken from above. 


Computers and Video Games


There are many e-sports lovers in Houston as well who save up to buy upgraded and better computers and computer equipment at the start of summer to enjoy the season playing games. Then there are people who prefer playing on Xbox and Playstation either alone or with friends who they ask to come over. Whatever the case, the gaming industry has made huge strides pertaining to the graphics and gameplay experience that they offer, and it surely is compelling to avoid the outdoor heat and enjoy their offerings.  

No matter which electronics you go for or what activities you pursue this season, there is just one request that CompuCycle wants to make of you. Kindly do not throw away your old electronics in the trash when you get new ones or after the season ends. Electronic waste threatens the environment in dangerous ways and is a hazard to the ecosystem. Please recycle old computers and other electronics by offering them to CompuCycle. Check out the list of the devices we accept and drop them off at any of our many drop-off facilities. 

By supporting the reuse of electronics and computer equipment recycling, you will be contributing to natural resource preservation. CompuCycle has been fighting against e-waste for quite some time now, and we cannot win it without your support. Summers is a time for fun, but we should own responsibility for the deteriorating health of the environment we live in as well.

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