So, You’re Looking for a Certified Recycler?

Taking measures to ensure your company is disposing of your old IT assets properly is an essential step toward a more sustainable future. But finding the right electronics recycling company can be difficult, as you also want the most secure, convenient and environmentally responsible choice.

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The first thing you’ll look for when researching electronic recycling are certifications to prove reliability. The main two certifications are R2 and e-Stewards. A company bearing either of those logos ensures you’re working with a certified recycler, but what’s the difference?


R2 vs. e-Stewards


Both certified recycler standards ensure proper procedures in regulation with the EPA, meaning they have the same goals. The difference comes through the approach—specifically surrounding overseas exports.

R2 accommodates the exportation of recyclables to developing nations. Their standards claim that this exportation is fully legal and compliant with the EPA. Therefore, the processing facilities must comply with the strict health and environmental standards set in place. That being said, transporting thousands of pounds of material overseas has its own environmental impact.

e-Stewards bans the overseas exportation of electronic scrap altogether. They also emphasize that no prison labor is to be utilized when processing these materials.


CompuCycle: A Certified Recycler Going the Extra Mile


As a company, the CompuCycle team strives to exceed expectations when it comes to responsible e-cycling processes. We continually develop our knowledge of proper recycling standards as they pertain to sustainability, security and reliability.

We were previously an R2-certified company, proud to bear that label in connection with the EPA. But through research, we found an option that better complemented our values and goals—e-Stewards.

Even though many companies are R2-certified, they typically work with third-party downstream facilities that may not adhere to the same standards. This practice puts your assets at risk while also negating your sustainability efforts.

With over 25 years of electronics recycling experience, we have fine-tuned our processes to ensure environmental responsibility. Over that time, we have implemented an e-scrap processing facility, an electronics plastics plant and transitioned our certifications to the more ethical option of e-Stewards.

CompuCycle goes the extra mile every time. In fact, we are the 1% of certified electronic recycling companies that collect your product, refurbish it and process it without any other downstream. Many of the other 99% use CompuCycle as their processor—making us a recycler for recyclers.

So, why not go straight to the source when considering a certified recycler for your end-of-life IT assets? Contact us today to learn more about how CompuCycle can tailor solutions to your company’s needs.

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