Secure Data Destruction at CompuCycle

Here at CompuCycle, the most important part of what we do is to ensure that all data inside the electronics we process is permanently destroyed beyond recovery. We practice the highest standards in data security from beginning to end of life.


Secure Data Destruction - CompuCycle


We use two methods of data security:


  • Data Sanitization: Meeting the NIST 800-88 standards using Department of Defense Compliant Software 5220.22-M, we administer a one or three-pass wipe of data erasure on the hard drives that can be reused. This software provides a report listing all pertinent information, including hard drive and unit serial numbers, and whether the driver passed or failed the wipe. If any of the drives fail this wipe for any reason, they are immediately shredded.


  • Data Destruction: At our facility, hard drives that are not suitable for reuse will be physically destroyed with our Komar industrial-strength shredding machine. Once the drives have been shredded, they will be recycled responsibly.

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