Case Study – National Health System Company



Our client needed to return approximately 400 Acudose Medical dispensing units from multiple hospital locations
to their leasing company. These units are very large in size (4’x4’x6’) and logistically a nightmare to handle.
Every machine needed to be inventoried, the hard drives sanitized, and the machines packed for secure transport
to the leasing company.


Due to the size of the Acudose devices, our client was unable to handle more than 10 devices at each location
and unable to bulk pack the devices for transportation to the leasing company. Our client wanted a single point
of contact and a certified company to handle everything at a competitive price. Our customer did not have the
man power, experience, or the ability to return these assets to their leasing company




CompuCycle provided a simple and stress-free service to decommission all assets from each of the 8 locations.
We took care of all of the heavy liftings by taking inventory of all assets onsite, removing the PCs from Acudose
machines, removing hard drives from PCs, inventorying the hard drives, and packing the hard drives in locked
containers. Each container was securely transported in GPS monitored and secured padlocked trucks to CompuCycle’s processing facility. Additionally, CompuCycle could retrieve all 400 Acudose medical
devices from 8 locations for secure transportation to CompuCycle’s processing facility.


At CompuCycle, all hard drives were sanitized following the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitation and compliant with Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M). Hard drives that failed the sanitization process were physically shredded in our Komar industrial shredder. Sanitized hard drives were re-installed into the PCs, and the PCs were placed into the Acudose devices.


A hard drive audit report identifying the hard drive serial number, model number, size, manufacturer, and serial
the number of the parent machine was provided to the client. Besides, we provided an inventory report (make,
model, model number, serial number, and asset tag number), a Certificate of Recycling (listing total weight
received), a Certificate of Hard Drive Sanitization (listing number of drives sanitized), and Certificate of Hard
Drive Destruction (listing number of hard drives shredded).


CompuCycle securely packed and transported all 400 Acudose Medical dispensing units from Texas to Minnesota
in 53-foot trucks that were padlocked and sealed. Photos showing the packed product and sealed trailers were
sent to our client. Logistics from the pick-up points to the new location were handled directly by CompuCycle
without the client having to lift a finger. CompuCycle provided reports and shipping bills of ladings to our client
and the leasing company upon dispatch of the 53-foot trailer.




CompuCycle provided a comprehensive inventory solution for each item, remove all hard drives, sanitize all hard
drives, reinstall the drives, transport units from 8 locations to one central location, and bulk pack all assets for a
secure return to the leasing company. The product was managed by one account manager in a professional and
timely manner, making it easy to communicate with our client and vice versa. The project was completed
on time, and we saved the customer approximately $200,000. Our customer was so impressed with how easy we
made it for them and relieved that they did not have to do it themselves.


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