Our client needed to remove all server and network equipment from a 3rd party datacenter. 76 Complete 7 foot racks, cabling, overhead structures, 30 tape storage cabinets and furniture needed to be removed. The 3rd party datacenter required everything between the surface of the raised floor up to the all-thread rods that hang through the ceiling tiles, to be safely de-installed, securely packed and removed from the facility. The company needed 60 Cisco Catalyst 6500 cabinets to be physically destroyed and 2,332 hard drives to be sanitized in accordance with NIST 800-88 Guidelines. The project needed to be completed within 5 days and our client did not have the manpower to do it themselves within the permissible timeline.


CompuCycle provided our client a decommissioning and disposal process document and job safety assessment and walked the datacenter floor with our client to confirm the scope of work required. Within 5 days, CompuCycle provided a simple and stress-free service to decommission all server racks, tape storage cabinets, cabling and overhead structures, as well as securely pack and transport the assets to CompuCycle for processing. The CompuCycle decommissioning team was professional, timely, courteous, equipped PPE and had all necessary equipment to perform the scope of work.


All Hard drives were sanitized using a Department of Defense compliant software. Failed hard drives were physically shredded. We provided a hard drive inventory report (make, model, model number, serial number and asset tag number), a Certificate of Hard Drive Sanitization (listing number of drives sanitized), and Certificate of Hard Drive Destruction (listing number of hard drives shredded).


All Cisco Catalyst 6500 cabinets were processed through our state-of-the art, fully automated, electronics shredding system. The cabinets and all other scrap electronics not suitable for refurbishment or resale were shredded into their raw materials (steel, copper, aluminum, plastics and circuit boards). The raw materials were shipped as feedstock to smelters, refineries and mills. A Certificate of Recycling (listing total weight recycled) was issued to our client.


CompuCycle provided a comprehensive, stress-free solution to de-install and recycle all data center assets. We received positive feedback, and our client did not have any concerns. We accomplished our goal, and we made our client’s life easier. The service was managed by one account manager, in a professional and timely manner.


The product was completed within the 5-day time period. The rebates provided for the product offset our client’s costs for all services performed.


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