How to manage secure data center decommissioning?

Whether you are looking for a local data center disposal or a cloud server decommission, it is extremely important to carefully and responsibly manage hardware as well as data security. A data center decommissioning process is extremely critical as the hardware being decommissioned holds sensitive and confidential data of a number of companies and their customers. The data can be breached in a physical way as well as through the use of remote software. It is imperative for data centers, whether hyper-scale or small, to hire assistance and support from credible and certified data center decommissioning companies as the time during server decommission is especially sensitive due to the switching off of all the cybersecurity software.  

While decommissioning a data center, there are a number of aspects and components that need to be kept in mind and planned for as even a single loop-hole can lead to data being compromised which can result in heavy penalties and legal implications. Managing secure data center decommissioning requires the following steps that reliable data center decommissioning companies, like CompuCycle, can swiftly ensure: 

Tracking and Reporting of Inventory IT Asset Management (ITAM) Services - CSE

A data center decommissioning process benefits considerably from a strong inventory list of IT assets. The list should be mapped with respect to hardware, software, coordinate, grid, and more so that proper planning and time estimates can be made before the initiation of the process. It also helps in tallying and tracking assets in terms of rack slots and cabinets. What is more is that with an updated inventory list, the processes of hard drive sanitization, data sanitization, and data center asset disposal can also be tracked and properly accounted for. ITAD portal systems that CompuCycle has are capable of providing you with the information of when and how a device was redeployed and reused. The company also offers certificate issuance, reporting, resale, tracking, and pickup services to its clients. 

Securing and Locking of Storage Devices 

Server cages that are fortified support the separation of data-ridden devices. With them placed in isolation during the whole data center decommissioning process, the entrance and exit to and from the server room can be monitored and managed more easily. From the time of removal of devices from the secured storage area to the time of data center asset disposal, their handling and movement need to be strictly kept in check and tracked. Whether the devices are being transported for data sanitization or the hard drives are going through on-site hard drive sanitization, locked storage containers are effective in rendering the processes secure.  

Get Help From Experienced and Specialized Professionals 

The server decommissions and data decommissioning requirements of each data center are unique. It is crucial to get support from one of the few data center decommissioning companies in the market that offer customized services that are tailored to your specific needs. The company should be experienced as well as specialized in the process with credible expertise in this regard. CompuCycle is a certified data center decommissioning company that has over 25 years of experience in the domain. All its processes are compliant with all the international and local regulations and standards, and it can make your data center decommissioning process extremely smooth, quick, and efficient by taking care of the following: 

  • Devise a strategy for data decommissioning as well as data center asset disposal that is customized to your needs. 
  • Help you stay compliant with hard drive disposal and data sanitization regulations and standards. 
  • Protect all the data that your data center holds by safely transporting all the storage devices back to its facility. 
  • Offer you value against your redundant hardware by testing, refurbishing, and reselling it in the market.  
  • Protect you from legal implications by employing only completely environmentally-friendly processes.  

CompuCycle can secure your data center decommissioning process by making sure there are no loose ends along with making it easier and smoother. Opting for data center decommissioning companies that are non-certified and have a lack of expertise generally results in unexpected delays that consequently cause the project to cost much more than the planned or foreseen amount.  

Go Beyond the Standards of the Industry 

Make sure you scrutinize and screen the protocols and frameworks that a data decommissioning vendor employs for the purpose of risk mitigation before you hire one. It is true that the global industry standards are vital to be met, but why not go a step further when you can with a top-of-the-shelf server decommission service? Visit the vendor’s site or take a virtual tour of the place along with evaluating its portfolio to get a feel of its operations and processes. CompuCycle welcomes data centers of all magnitudes to give it the opportunity to introduce itself and help you understand what the company is all about. So, why not get in touch with CompuCycle now to ensure best-in-class data center disposal and data decommissioning? 

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