What are the Different Responsible Electronics Recycling Options Available?

American households own an average of 24 electronics. The recent years have been revolutionizing the way we access information, communicate, and get entertained through the use of different kinds of electronics. They drive the modern corporate world as well, and most businesses cannot even imagine sustaining without them. However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the casing, compounds, and chemicals that go into their production and are harmful to the environment. It is high time that we, as accountable citizens, embrace responsible electronics recycling. 

E-cycle electronic recycling does not rip you off even the most little of the utility you can potentially extract out of your electronic devices. It only requires you to perform electronic waste recycling in a responsible manner, which will help create a sustainable future and protect the environment. Organizations need to check their computer recycling management systems to ensure they are in line with responsibility standards. The best way to do that is to partner with a responsible and certified recycler, like CompuCycle. 


Why is Responsible Electronics Recycling Important?
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Each year, 41.8 million tons of e-waste are disposed of in ways that harm the environment. Only 12.5% of electronics are subjected to proper tech recycling. The reasons why you should care about where your end-of-life electronic equipment ends up are abundant. The manufacturing of electronics requires chemicals, compounds, and materials, that deplete our natural resources. Furthermore, they contaminate the soil, water and damage the earth’s environment after they are disposed of in landfills. By opting for responsible electronics recycling, you not only keep these materials from harming the natural ecosystem but allow valuable and scarce materials, such as silver, aluminum, gold, titanium, tin, and copper, to be reused for the manufacturing of other products as well.  


What are the Different Responsible E-waste Recycling Options Available?


Whether you are an individual or a business owner, there are proper ways available for you to deal with all the end-of-life and outdated electronics. Responsible electronics recycling demands that you subject your devices to a circular electronics system. This means that you allow for any value that is left in your devices to be extracted out of it. If it is in working condition, it can be resold for reuse after going through certain processes. e-Stewards requires that electronics that have all or some of their functions running be carefully tested and refurbished before they can be re-marketed. 

If an electronic device is not reusable, it should be shredded, and all the valuable substances it consists of should be collected and reused in the production of other goods. There is a one-stop, specialized place for all these processes, which is CompuCycle. It is an electronics recycling company that is e-Stewards certified. This means that all its processes are compliant with electronic waste recycling regulations and that it performs safe and secure practices for the destruction, recycling, and disposal of all electronics. 

CompuCycle is an experienced and expert organization that carries out computer hardware recycling and other electronics recycling. Houston is their hometown facility, but they collect anywhere in the United States.  You can contact CompuCycle to schedule a pickup of all the obsolete electronics at your workplace or bring them directly to their facility located at 8019 Kempwood, Houston, TX 77055. They not only carry out responsible e-waste recycling for your business but also offer you great value for your reusable devices. By hiring the company, you can attain peace of mind that you are staying compliant with all the legal recycling obligations as well as the ethical ones. 


What Should Be Your Next Step?


There are a number of electronics recycling companies that offer e-waste recycling services. The key is to go for one that is certified and credible, like CompuCycle. You need to visit a dedicated electronic waste recycling service’s website and check out the list of electronics they accept. It is our responsibility to make sure to never throw away any of those sophisticated electronics in the trash. 

Get in touch with the company and schedule a pick-up of your e-waste or opt for their mobile service. They will securely wipe or destroy all your sensitive and confidential data and information stored on the devices while following the best practices and environmental-friendly processes. They also provide you with Certificates of Recycling and Certificates of Hard Drive Data Destruction as proof that all your data was securely destroyed and that they carried out responsible e-waste recycling.  All of the information is also indefinitely stored in your company’s portal so it can be retrieved at any time for your company’s needs or audits. 

Whether it is computer hardware recyclingcomputer recycling, or other electronics recycling, the responsibility lies on you to be a smart consumer and subject the end-of-life electronics you own to only responsible electronics recycling.

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