Recycling Electronics in Houston: A Better Way

New electronic products are made from a variety of valuable materials, including aluminum, plastics and glass. Since all of these require a variety of resources to mine, transport and manufacture, donating or recycling your old electronics helps conserve our natural resources while also decreasing air and water pollution along with greenhouse gas emissions.

But where do you go to recycle your old industrial or consumer electronic devices? Recycling electronics in Houston isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem. After all, not all e-recycling options are created equal. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best ways for Houston residents to dispose of their old electronics. So read on to learn about the best e-recycling options H-town has to offer.

How Electronic Recycling Helps Your Business?

Proper IT asset disposal practices protect your sensitive data and the environment all while ensuring regulatory compliance. It’s a tall order. That’s why when you work with a proven e-waste leader like CompuCycle, you receive comprehensive IT asset disposition services tailored to meet your needs. From data destruction to responsible recycling, their experienced team sets the standard by following industry-best practices designed to securely and efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of your electronic assets.

CompuCycle is one of your best options for recycling electronics in Houston. They understand the challenges you face when dealing with old technology, and their goal is to provide you with a seamless, secure IT asset disposal process. By partnering with CompuCycle, you can trust that your data will be destroyed securely and your devices recycled responsibly, providing you with cost savings while also decreasing your ecological footprint.

A Better Way to Recycle Your Electronics

But what if you’re looking for an ecologically friendly way of recycling electronics in Houston? Well, did you know that CompuCycle owns and operates its own state-of-the-art plastics recycling facility? With plastics comprising 20% of global e-waste, CompuCycle is taking a massive step forward in addressing the plastic waste crisis.

Their advanced facility uses an environmentally sustainable method of recovering and processing a diverse array of plastics resulting from e-waste. CompuCycle’s cutting-edge approach maximizes the recovery and reuse of these valuable resources and minimizes the amount of plastic waste finding its way into our air, landfills and oceans. With CompuCycle, you can feel good about recycling electronics in Houston.

An E-Waste Partner You Can Trust

To confront the environmental challenges before us, CompuCycle is seeking partners who share their vision of a greener future, and their commitment to the environment extends far beyond Houston, Texas. Continually investing in research and development to identify new technologies and processes to push the e-recycling industry forward, CompuCycle drives innovation, setting the standard for responsible e-waste management at home and across the globe.

Are you ready to work with one of the top e-recycling companies providing options for recycling electronics in Houston and beyond? Visit or call (713) 869-6700 to speak with a representative.

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