How a Recycling Provider Prevents Your Personal Info out from Hacking?

Almost all the electronics in today’s digital world are smart. This means they have a memory that they use to store information and data. For the purpose of the accumulation of data, they access the user’s information and process it before storing and backing it up. Data management performed by these electronics, regardless of their functionalities, brings upon the users’ threats pertaining to data breaches and cybersecurity. Businesses and organizations use memory cards, USB flash drives, and computer hard drives in huge volumes to carry out their storage and operating needs. Companies are usually quite active about the security of their sensitive and confidential data during the live stages and environments of the electronic devices but overlook it during their disposition stages by not opting for secure computer recycling services.  

The cost that data breaches cause businesses and organizations across the globe on average per year is $3.92 million. What is more threatening is the fact that this figure is continually on the rise. This enhances the significance of secure electronics recycling and calls for businesses to incorporate every precaution there is into their data management processes for ensuring the complete prevention of data breaches. The task is not difficult at all, thanks to the availability of electronic recycling secure solutions, like CompuCycle that can efficiently take care of data security while carrying out your electronics recycling needs. 


Safe Recycling



We all know that there are a number of ways in which improper computer hardware disposal impacts the environment. Other than computer disposal, avoiding computer hard drive recycling is also something that hinders natural resource preservation and climate protection efforts. However, the security of the confidential information stored on your electronic devices is another component during the end stages of the electronics that holds a lot of significance. A single NAND chip on an SSD drive can be enough for ill-meaning hands to access sensitive information related to your organization or business.  

A hard drive shredding company that is certified and reliable ensures complete security of the data stored on the electronics they handle. Secure e-cycle has a lot of components attached to it, from secure transportation of the devices to a safe chain of custody to proper shredding and disposal. For hard drives that can be reused and do not undergo secure hard drive shredding, proper refurbishing and wiping of data has to be performed before they are re-marketed or resold. CompuCycle is an R2 certified and specialized company that provides robust, state-of-the-art, and completely secure recycling services and secure data destruction services to businesses and individuals nationwide.  


Remote Data Breaches 


It is extremely important for the data stored on your electronics to be wiped off completely and safely as soon as they reach their end of life, as most of the data breaches are conducted remotely by bypassing network security. This means that when a computer hardware recycling company connects your devices to their systems for inspection and testing, their networks can be penetrated to steal your business information. This requires due diligence on your part before opting for an e-recycling company. CompuCycle is your best bet as it is equipped with the most modern and cutting-edge technology safeguarding its networks, and it offers documentation to its clients, ensuring the complete safety of their data.  


Theft of Electronics 


Another common occurrence regarding data breaches is the physical theft of electronics. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for commutes and transportation that involve electronics and even target electronics recycling facilities if they are not employed with proper and adequate physical security. The top three commodities that get stolen across the globe annually feature electronics among them. This means that a secure electronics recycling company is not true to its claim if it does not have proper physical security monitoring and handling of the whole e-recycling and computer disposal processes.  


How You Can Keep Your Data Safe 


All businesses and organizations, as well as individuals, need to ensure that all of their retired electronic devices are handled by secure electronics recycling solutions. CompuCycle is your best option in this regard as it has expert and specialized security personnel that constantly keep your electronics in check whether they are at their testing phase or their shredding phase. Electronics recycling can lift your environmental liability to a great extent and can give you value returns against your end-of-life electronics. However, partnering with electronic recycling secure solutions is imminent if you are to ensure that your data and information stays completely safe and protected.  

For secure computer recycling and secure electronics recycling, get in touch with CompuCycle today to schedule a pickup or drop-off for the electronics that you do not need anymore. With CompuCycle, you can enjoy peace of mind that your IT assets will be subjected to secure e-cycle processes and that your computer hardware disposal will simply have no impact on the environment.  


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