3 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Secure Data Destruction

Have you recently been tasked with disposing of your organization’s end-of-life IT assets? Are you asking yourself, “what is IT asset disposition, in the first place?!” Furthermore, are you concerned about the files, passwords, data, and related documents found within your data centers, computers, servers, Bluetooth devices, printers, and more? Are you concerned about ensuring that the IT asset disposition services you deploy for your organization are secure? If not, you should be.  

When it comes to working with IT Asset Disposal companies (ITAD), security should be your first and last concern. 

Why is it important to work with secure data destruction or data disposition organization? Let’s start with these crucial reasons.  


Reason 1: Avoid Future Risks & Liabilities


Your business or department could be disposing of IT equipment for a number of reasons: downsizing, moving to a new location or data center, upgrading equipment, and more. Whether you’re researching IT asset disposition providers, or your team of internal IT professionals is hoping to take on the burden, it’s important to understand that simply deleting files from your devices will not suffice. In fact, each and every one of your electronic devices stores thousands of unique data points that connect equipment to your organization, your department, your employees, and myriad personal, financial, and private information.  

Now, imagine what happens if a Bluetooth-enabled device, a printer, or a hard drive were to fall into the wrong hands? And consider if these devices contained private medical data (read: an HIV diagnosis), private financial data (read: a top executive’s annual distribution payout), private human resources information (read: confidential information surrounding an employment lawsuit or a negative performance review), or even information surrounding your company’s pending IPO?  

Considering the risks is scary, but not considering them…and then putting your data into the wrong hands, could mean an even more grim future for your organization. Fortunately, by partnering with the right global IT asset disposition company, like CompuCycle, you can avoid being exposed to future risks or liabilities. CompuCycle employs certifications and standards from leading industry organizations including R2:2013, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes Oxley, DoD, PCI, GLB, and FACTA. 


Reason 2: Recoup Revenue


While security should be your first and most pressing concern, working with IT asset disposition companies does offer the added benefit of recouping revenue for your organization! Once you have determined which equipment you’ll no longer need or would like to upgrade, an ITAD company like CompuCycle can provide you with a detailed proposal of the value of each of your electronic items. The value will be determined based on a multitude of factors including the cosmetic condition and working order of the equipment. A responsible ITAD partner will not simply pay you for the value of your assets but will also provide detailed proof of the various steps taken to securely handle the destruction of all data. 


Reason 3: Enjoy Peace of Mind  IT Asset Disposition


We cannot stress this enough. The right ITAD partner will do more than pay you for your equipment. They will serve as a true partner each step of the way. Most importantly, they will provide clear and consistent communication surrounding how data is being handled and destroyed whether the equipment is being refurbished and resold or broken down into its raw parts. CompuCycle provides its clients with the ability to track each electronic item from the moment it leaves your office building or data center to the moment it enters our secure trucks, drives into our warehouse, and as it goes through each step of the data disposal and destruction process. We provide inventory reporting to show the status of each and every device both before and after sanitization/destruction. Finally, we provide our clients with a Certificate of Data Sanitization or a Certificate of Data Destruction depending on if we erase data within your devices, shred data within your devices, or both. All the while, your team enjoys peace of mind, knowing that your devices and the data within are managed with care.  


Whether you are researching data center IT asset disposition options, enterprise or department-wide solutions or simply looking to replace current equipment, security should be your first and ultimate priority. CompuCycle’s team of experts is here to help you in your electronics recycling and IT asset disposition journey. Learn more about our safe, responsible, and environmentally-friendly offerings, or contact a sales representative today at 713-869-6700

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